Amid a business crippling pandemic one valley-based business is continuing to shine, pun intended.



Bob Moses Ceramic Coating
Business Owner Spotlight – New Locations

Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, founded in Phoenix, is in the process of opening a third location in Lake Havasu City. Matthew Moses, founder and CEO, had contemplated adding more locations and with some awesome Arizonian’s he made that dream come true in early 2020. He inked a franchise deal with some partners in Mesa, Rob Stringer and Chris Davern, and they opened April 1. Bob Moses Ceramic Coating Lake Havasu anticipates an open date of August 10, 2020 with business owners Misty Rich and Jenn Schmidt ready to take the Ceramic Coating game to the next level. Matt Moses has his sight set on opening more locations, further adding jobs and building his brand with locations in the future during a fleeting economic disaster.

What is Ceramic Coating? “Ceramic Coating” is a coating applied to the surface of vehicles for protective purposes. Bob Moses, uses a SENSHA 8-year Crystal Glow, SiO2 (silicon dioxide) or glass coating, hailing from Japan that is designed to last up to 8 years. SENSHA literally translates to washing and coating your car. Sensha ceramic glass coating is a single layered liquid that suspends SiO2 particles in a clear resin which forms to the shape of the surface it is bonded to and hardens over time. When the hardening process finishes, your vehicle will have a gloss and shine that causes the paint to appear wet even though the surface has super-hydrophobicity. This helps vehicle owners with cost in wash, wax, and detail saving thousands over time for responsible car owners. Bob Moses Ceramic Coating services a very diverse range of vehicles, including but not limited to: Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Motorhomes, SXS, OHVS, Boats, Jet Skis, Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Semis and much more. We also ceramic coat any exterior surface. This includes: Body, Windows, Wheels, Plastics, and Metals.

Who is Matthew Moses, and why Bob Moses? Matt is a quintessential family man. His family includes his beautiful wife Stephanie, lovely daughter Kali, and awesome son Bodie. Beyond his give back and outwardly humble exterior, Matt is the epitome of a next level business owner and entrepreneur. As an RV consumer for about 2 decades, and always being someone that washed and maintained their own vehicles, Bob Moses Ceramic Coating was almost a perfect and natural evolution in his business endeavors. Matt stumbled on to this great product called ceramic coating when another business serviced his truck. Like common issues in the industry the business Matt called on missed the 1st appointment, was late to the 2nd and took a day longer than agreed; however, he was highly recommended, so Matt stuck with him. After the process was completed, Matt loved the product and thought about the RV application, who was doing it, and how it would work. Come to find out no one was doing it to RV’s. “We had all been either throwing our money away on short lived waxes that didn’t last more than a few months if even one month at that. So, I did my research, educated myself about the product, then talked to manufacturers and educated myself about the industry. I then decided I wanted to make RV ownership, vehicle ownership, and eventually boats and off-road a true worry-free process.” Why Bob Moses? Bob Moses was Matt’s grandfather, who helped shape and became a staple to Matt’s life. Bob taught Matt the desire and work ethic that has helped him become a successful business owner. For 14 years, before passing in 2001, Bob held a booth spot at Glendale’s Swap Meet with young Matt in tow. Every weekend Matt would help his grandfather, and they formed an irreplaceable bond. It was only fitting that Matt’s company be named after a man that helped mold his life. The name means everything, and it has proved to be phenomenally successful and even more so familiar name in Arizona.

Bob Moses Core Values:

• Integrity – Always standing behind who we are and why we do what we do
• Honesty – Holding our products and services accountable for their real capacity
• Passion for excellence and dignity – Quality above and beyond what’s expected
• Servant leadership – Lead through service and utmost care
• Community first – Our community helped us be the Bob Moses of today, so through our actions we will help shape our community for tomorrow
• Be Epic – Lead a life-enriching lifestyle by doing what is right
• Attitude of Gratitude – Always thankful for who and what is around us


PHOENIX, AZ – 1510 E Bell Rd Suite B1-100, Phoenix, AZ 85022
MESA, AZ – 63 E Mckellips Rd #113 Mesa, Arizona 85201
LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ – 1040 Aviation Dr. Suite 101, Arizona

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