Ceramic Coating for Boats in Phoenix, AZ

Paint jobs are always prone to damage, but marine gel coat and paint generally endures a greater amount of wear and tear due to the harsh environments it’s used in. Find out more about why ceramic coating for boats is a great way to protect your investment.

What Are Boats Coatings?

Ceramic coating is a generic term used to describe a silicon dioxide (SiO2) based glass coating. SiO2 molecules are suspended as nanoparticles in a clear resin mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other compounds to provide a UV protective barrier that forms a physical bond with the gel coat or paint of your boat. Through the curing process, the ceramic coating hardens to form a single-layered, high gloss, and extremely hydrophobic shell encasing the exterior of the boat. This barrier preserves the finish for many years and allows for extreme ease of maintenance when tackling water spots, dirt, and scum lines after your trips to the lake. At Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, we specifically use Sensha World Crystal Glow to protect your boat or jet ski from the elements. You invested a lot into purchasing your boat, do not let your beautiful paint job fade out, and protect it with a long-lasting coating applied by a company that will educate you on all maintenance strategies and take care of you if the coating fails.
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Why Would I Ceramic Coat My Boat?

You want your boat to keep its shine and luster for as long as possible, and that’s precisely what you get with Sensha ceramic coating. Why waste your time on waxes or sealants that won’t last longer than maybe a couple of months maximum when you could apply Sensha 8-year Crystal Glow to your boat and anticipate many years of protection and ease of maintenance with one application?

Wax vs. Ceramic Coating

  • The highest quality wax melts at an ambient temperature of 87℉; ceramic coating has a melting temperature of over 1800℉. Therefore, in areas with extreme heat such as Arizona and Florida your ceramic coat will last, but wax will disappear within the first 48 hours of application above 87℉.
  • Wax requires multiple layers to be effective; ceramic coating requires a one-time application.
  • If you are waxing your boat on average 4 times a year, which is the manufacturer average written in boat operations manuals, you will either outspend the cost of a Sensha coating within the first 2-3 years of wax or waste an incredible amount of time doing the process yourself.

Check out how ceramic protects against UV rays and more.


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Matt and his team at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating did an exceptional job on my 2019 Midnight edition ram 1500. We Midnight edition Ram 1500. I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and finished product and look forward to Matt and his team servicing the any of our next vehicles.
Charles Kirkland
Charles Kirkland
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Top notch. Excellent work. Last year they ceramic coated my camper this year my wife’s 300

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Generally, a Sensha SiO2 glass coating lasts up to eight years; however, depending on several factors, the length of time can be reduced. These factors include: how much sunlight your boat receives, where you store your boat, what bodies of water you take your boat on, and how often you wash and wipe down your boat. While your auto ceramic coating can handle the regular wear and tear of life on the water, the most important factor is whether or not you keep up with maintenance.
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Paint Preservation

Paint Preservation

reduced costs due to ceramic coating

Reduce cost

In Maintaining Appearance

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New Car Shine

Long Lasting New Car Look

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Super Hydrophobic

Water Repellent & Elements Durability

How Easy is Ceramic Coating Maintenance?

Ceramic coating maintenance is simpler than you may think! Simplify your boating experience with Sensha’s SiO2 glass coating. With a simple wash after a few trips on the water and a quick wipe down once the day is finished, keep the water spots off and the scum lines clear. Ceramic coating offers the best of both worlds with maximum UV protection and an extremely hydrophobic surface to make maintenance easy. Contact us at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating today!
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