Ceramic Coating for Car & SUV’s

Here at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, we happily apply ceramic coatings to a range of cars and SUVs and can do so on any exterior surface. Whether you are looking to protect the body, wheels, windows, metals, or even plastic components, we apply Sensha-World ceramic coating to your vehicle to protect it from damage and keep it looking new.


What Kind of Ceramic Coating Does Bob Moses Use?

We use Sensha-World 8-year Crystal Glow, a specially formulated nano-coating of silicon dioxide (SiO2) suspended in a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin, that we apply to the exterior of your vehicle to protect the paint job from damage. 

This liquid polymer coat that we source directly from Sensha-World will act as an additional layer of transparent, superhydrophobic material that will repel water and the elements, leaving you with that new car shine. The PTFE resin will also act as a UV-blocking barrier, preventing the paint from fading.

Why Should You Ceramic Coat Your Car or SUV?

As far as the benefits of ceramic coatings are concerned, there are almost too many to name. The best part about a Sensha-World coating for your car is the fact that it protects your car’s paint job, which means your vehicle will look better for longer, saving you considerable money in maintenance and upkeep. 

A fresh paint job can cost you thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to worry about chips, scratches, and fading if you’ve kept your car safe with a ceramic coating. This coating also helps save you time, because you don’t have to constantly clean your car to keep it looking amazing.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last on Cars & SUV’s?

Typically, a Sensha-World SiO2 coating should last up to eight years, depending on how well you take care of it, and the conditions your car is kept in.

Maintaining Ceramic Coating on Car

Washing your car or SUV every two weeks is the most important part of this maintenance, as this helps preserve the structure of the SiO2, so it can protect the paint underneath. Make sure you’re using a gentle soap and washing with separate buckets for rinsing and soap application.

Choose the Ceramic Coating Professionals at Bob Moses

If you want to protect your car or SUV’s paint job, a ceramic coating is the best way to go. With a little maintenance, your paint job will look great for years. To find out more about Sensha-World coatings, call Bob Moses Ceramic Coating professionals today.

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