Ceramic Coating for SXS & OHVS

We suggest getting a ceramic coating applied right off the lot but protecting your vehicle from continued damage is important as well. Whether old or new, SXS & OHVs need a good ceramic coating for their maintenance and paint job protection. 

Our CEO, Matt Moses always says,

 “You wouldn’t apply sunscreen after being at the beach for 8 hours. You would apply it as soon as you arrive for your best chance of protection from the sun. However, applying it later will still protect you from any further sun damage,” this theory also applies to your vehicle’s ceramic coating as well.

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Our Ceramic Coating Services

Bob Moses Ceramic Coating is a company that uses a product known as SENSHA 8-year crystal glow that hails from Japan. This product is SiO2, or silicon dioxide, designed to last eight years on your recreational vehicle.

Crystal glow is nano-coating (liquid polymer coat) that is applied on the exterior of the vehicle. The liquid polymer coat is designed to last longer on a vehicle protecting the paint job from acid rain, UV rays, color fading, and paint scratches while washing. The most outstanding feature of this type of coating is that it leaves your vehicle looking glossy and brand new.

The SENSHA 8-year Crystal Glow coating’s primary purpose is to provide a long-lasting glass coating that will keep your vehicle looking great. Therefore, when this coating is manufactured, only the top-quality coating components are utilized. As a result, the glossy look that comes with Crystal Glow allows your car to look like it is wet all the time, and at the same time, it is water repellant. Washing or cleaning the dirt off the coating after applying is also very easy, thus making its maintenance quicker and cheaper.

We only use tried and true products in an effort to be the leading ceramic coating company in both customer service and quality. We are the SENSHA 8-year Crystal Glow ceramic coating representatives, and we know that the coating is perfect for your SXS & OHVs.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating on UTVs?

We often get the same questions from our clients; is ceramic coating a UTV worth it? The truth is that any vehicle, whether a UTV or an SUV, needs to have its paint job maintained, and for good maintenance, an excellent coating is required. Below are some advantages of ceramic coating on UTVs:

  • If you scratch your vehicle after the ceramic coating has been applied, you can easily lightly polish the scratch and it will not negatively affect the original coating. 
  • UV rays are the leading cause of fading and aging of your vehicle’s paint job. Ceramic coating acts as armor that protects your vehicle from the damaging effects of UV rays. 
  • Once ceramic coating such as Crystal Glow has cured, it will only take abrasion to remove it from your vehicle. Therefore, you can expect it to last long on your recreational automobile. 

Get a Ceramic Coating for Your SXS & OHVS

At Bob Moses, we provide in-depth education on the coating before and after the whole application process. Be sure to contact us if you need to know more. Call any of our offices or fill out our online form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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