Epic Clean


  • Detail spray, waterless wash, spot treatment
  • Quick usage for bugs, loose dust, loose dirt
  • With microfiber towel glides easily along ceramic coated surfaces
  • Ultra concentrated with ceramic, great for use on trailer front caps and for quick car detail

Detail spray designed to help trailer owners be proactive about maintaining their front caps, Epic Clean is ultra-concentrated with SENSHA ceramic and is the best choice for detail on any vehicle. Epic Clean is used best conceptually as sunscreen for your trailer front cap. Front caps take all the beating from the weather elements, and we asked the experts at SENSHA for their help to engineer a product in order to help your ceramic coat’s lifespan on the cap. Beautifully enough, SENSHA designed this product to also be a great detailer for any coated surface. This product is used on cars and trucks as a waterless wash, utilizing brand new microfiber towels and just a couple sprays of product to keep the vehicle shiny and clean.


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