Bob Moses Ceramic Coating’s mission is to supply vehicle owners with the power to take control of their time, money, and stress by providing true worry-free ownership with every vehicle that comes through our doors. We define true worry-free ownership as the symbol for trust and integrity. Owners can expect that every team member who interacts with any vehicle treats them as their own, and that our team is ready and willing to go above and beyond to exceed the owners’ needs. We are committed to growing a culture of servant leadership in our community through our example of hard work and dedication for true worry-free ownership. As a result, we will lead a dynamic change to the auto, RV, marine, motorcycle, and off-road industries, where the standards of detail, maintenance, protection, and servitude are always a cut above.

Bob Moses Ceramic Coating is extraordinarily humbled by our customers. You all have helped us build a truly wonderful community that is continuously on the grow and you have allowed our company to stand with you at its core. We could not be more grateful for the love, trust, and respect you have shown us. Bob Moses Ceramic Coating promises to always hold these values self-evident in our work and in our service to all our customers, partners, and teammates, present, future, and past. STAY EPIC! We hope you’ll contact us soon.

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Always standing behind who we are and why we do what we do


Holding our products and services accountable for their real capacity

Passion for excellence and dignity

Quality above and beyond what’s expected

Servant leadership

Lead through service and utmost care

Community first

Our community helped us be the Bob Moses of today, so through our actions we will help shape our community for tomorrow

Be Epic

Lead a life-enriching lifestyle by doing what is right

Attitude of Gratitude

Always thankful for who and what is around us


As an RV consumer for about 2 decades, and always being someone that washed and maintained their own vehicles, Bob Moses Ceramic Coating was almost a perfect and natural evolution in my business endeavors. I stumbled on to this great product called auto ceramic coating and had someone do my black ford truck. And like the common issues in the industry he missed the 1st appointment, was late to the 2nd and took a day longer than he told me; however, he was highly recommended to me, so I stuck with him. After the process was done, I loved the product and thought about the RV application, who was doing it, and how it would work. Come to find out no one was doing it. We had all been either throwing our money away on short lived waxes that didn’t last a few months if even one month at that. So, I did my research, educated myself about the product, then talked to manufacturers and educated myself about the industry. I then decided I wanted to make RV ownership, vehicle ownership, and eventually boats and off-road a true worry-free process.

That is how Bob Moses was born. Well that’s not how he was born. Bob Moses was my grandfather who had passed many years before, but was a staple in who I became as a man and my desire to succeed in life. I worked with my Gramps from about age 8 at the swap meet in Glendale, Arizona until I was 16 years old. Helping Gramps set up his booth every week, and sell the products he purchased at estate sales, specifically he dealt in tools, fishing, and golf equipment. He had the same spot for 14 years until he passed away in 2001. He would pick me up at 4:30 in the morning and drop me off until around noon every Sunday. Sometimes I’d stay at his house and grandma would be up at 4 AM making us pancakes before we went on our journey to make money selling at the swap meet. He would pay me $20 a week, and I had my own section on his table for things I wanted to buy and sell.

I’d turn that 20 dollars into as much as 60 dollars on my very best days. While everyone else worried about my lack of school desire, Gramps always told me, “I’m not worried about you Matt.” He set the stage and gave me the confidence
and people skills to do whatever I wanted in life. Imagine a 10-year-old walking a huge swap meet by himself negotiating stuff to turn around and sell at a different booth. I’m pretty sure I’d never let my daughter or son do that today, but times were different back then. So fast forward to 2017, I have a goal in mind, a product, and a team designed from scratch to execute a change for the way people own big, beautiful, quickly aging memory makers, like RVs and boats. That goal is to give everyone an easier, better, and cheaper way to keep their RV, boat, civic, monster truck, soccer mom SUV, or Lamborghini looking epic paired with the finest product made for protection, brilliance, and simple maintenance. That is how Bob Moses Ceramic Coating was born.