BMW Ceramic Coatings

When you invest in your new BMW you want to take care of your new ride and make sure that you do everything you can to preserve that showroom shine. Ceramic coating gives your car a high-gloss finish and protection for years to come.

Before making that decision though, there are some things that you should know about getting a ceramic coating for cars.

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BMW Ceramic Coatings

BMW Nano Ceramic Coating (SiO2 Glass Coating)

Ceramic coating for BMW cars is a process that is designed to protect your car’s painted surface against harsh weather and prevent contaminants from adhering to the surface. The silicon dioxide coating works at the molecular level to bond with the vehicle’s surface. The result is a coating that is durable and has a glass-like finish. At Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, we use Sensha Crystal Glow 8 Year Coating. This Japanese-made professional-grade ceramic coating is designed to last up to 8 years, which outlasts practically all other products on the market. It offers optimal protection and is easy to maintain.

Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your BMW?

Auto ceramic coating is very beneficial for your car, especially if you want to protect that perfect paint job. There are several impressive benefits that you will get that ultimately save you money and more than pay for the cost of ceramic coating your car.

  • It protects against damaging UV rays. Direct sunlight can cause a lot of problems for a car’s surface. The heat and ultraviolet rays cause oxidation, affecting the paint finish with fading and cracks. Ceramic coating provides a protective layer over the paint that the UV rays cannot penetrate.
  • It helps to protect, although not prevent, harsh substances like grime and bird droppings from defacing your vehicle. When you drive your car it can come in contact with a number of contaminants like insects, bird droppings, and other harsh substances. Many of these are comprised of caustic components like uric acid that can eat away at the paint. Ceramic coating can protect from these substances to keep your car looking new.
  • It repels water. This makes cleaning simple and easy. Sensha ceramic coating is so extremely hydrophobic that water is repelled when it contacts your car’s surface. You will notice it bubbles up and easily slides right off.

How Long Do Coatings for BMW Last?

Different types of ceramic coatings have different lifespans. Some types last about two years – some longer. The type we use, Sensha Crystal Glow, has a standard to last for up to eight years. That means with proper care, your ceramic coating for your BMW can last at least eight years, or potentially longer.

The bottom line is, ceramic coating is a long-term option for protecting and maintaining your car’s exterior surface by keeping the paint intact with a high gloss, glass-like shine for years.

Can You do Ceramic Coating Yourself?

While it is possible to purchase the materials and do ceramic coating on your car yourself, it is not recommended. It is a precise process and is best left to a professional. There is a lot that goes into preparation and application. The coating needs to adhere to the clear coat perfectly even and without defect. This process is extraordinarily cumbersome.

You must be careful that you don’t have any dust, dirt, debris, oils, or contaminates on your car’s surface prior to coating. When you apply the coating, it must be precisely laid flat in order to achieve that trademark glass-like sheen. It costs a little more to get it done by a professional, but it is well worth the investment. More importantly, a ceramic coating installed by Bob Moses Ceramic Coating carries the weight of a crew that is happy to offer service to your vehicle for many years after installation.

Is Ceramic Coating Safe for Your BMW?

When it is applied correctly and maintained properly, your ceramic coating for your BMW is perfectly safe. It will not harm the body, and there are only advantages to having a ceramic coating.

Anytime you invest in something, you want to protect it. Your BMW is no different. You invested in that car, and you want it to stay looking the same or better than it did the day you got it.

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