Ceramic Coating for Trucks in Phoenix, AZ

Trucks are supposed to be rugged. Unfortunately, the paint coat isn’t as strong as it should be to go up against everything you encounter on the road – dirt, bugs, chemical stains, rain, salt, and more. A Sensha-World auto ceramic coating can be just what you need to add a durable protective layer – and at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, we have the expertise that you can count on.

Why Should You Choose Bob Moses for Ceramic Coating?

We use Sensha World Crystal Glow, a nano-coating of silicon dioxide suspended in a polytetrafluoroethylene resin, that can be applied to your truck to provide the easiest and most durable solution to protecting the paint on your truck. As you drive, your truck is going to get splashed with mud, stained with random materials and pollutants, and more. Over time, this is going to cause many blemishes on the overall appearance. The SiO2 coating creates an added barrier so that the elements cannot damage the paint.

This SiO2 coating is applied to the truck’s surface by hand – and it can be applied throughout the bed of your pickup, too. The polymer chemically bonds to the paint, producing a super hydrophobic barrier to protect any surface it is applied to and creates a glossy finish on your truck at the same time. We believe in the quality of our work therefore at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating we offer all of our customers a worry-free ownership guarantee!

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Ricky Sweed
Ricky Sweed
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Where should I start, I can write a novel on this company. They are absolutely some of the best people you will ever meet. They are extremely talented, knowledgeable, and provide top notch services. I had my 44’ fifth wheel ceramic coated and was blown away with the results! The entire fifth wheel looked and felt like glass. They did a thorough walk through upon pick up and to be honest, I was speechless. They aren’t the cheapest, but if you consider what you get they are the best deal…. Period. Protect your investment! No one will come close to what this company does, NOBODY!
John Carter
John Carter
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Bob Moses Ceramic Coatings is phenomenal. Do you love your car? Then let Misty and her crew, at Bob Moses, put some love on your vehicle too. You won't regret it or forget it, and every time you see it, you'll give Bob Moses Ceramic Coating credit. I bought my new car, and it didn't look this good. Bob Moses Ceramic made it look like a new car should look off the showroom floor. I can't say enough. If you love your car, then take it to Bob Moses Ceramic Coating and "Get er Done."
Dan Olson
Dan Olson
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Just had my new black truck ceramic coated by these guys and it looks incredible! I’m surprised to see that it actually makes the black looks darker than before and much glossier than it did new and my black plastic fenders color is is all matched and coated as well. The staff is very friendly and professional. I loved it so much that I’ve scheduled to have my Jeep coated as well. Make sure you schedule soon as possible though because they’re booked pretty far out. I’m told they are also going to offer PPF in the near future.

The Top 5 Benefits of Truck Coatings

Your truck deserves to be protected in as many ways as possible. Just as you visit the mechanic for preventative maintenance for things under the hood, SiO2 coatings offer preventative protection for the paint finish. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying thousands to have your truck repainted. Below are the top benefits of Bob Moses ceramic coating for your truck:

  1. Glossy finish: When aesthetics matter, you’ll love the glossier look the SiO2 coating offers your truck.
  2. Easier to clean: The super hydrophobic quality of SiO2 means that water will bead up on the surface of your truck. Water-based dirt and grime will simply slide off of the truck’s surface.
  3. Scratch-resistant: Various scratches and smudges are less likely to appear since there is a hardened protective coat between the elements and the paint.
  4. The body won’t corrode: When the paint is scratched, the metal body is exposed – and that can lead to corrosion. With the added layer, you won’t have to worry about corrosion.
  5. UV-protected: As you drive under the hot sun, you won’t have to worry about UV rays oxidizing or dulling the paint of your truck thanks to the UV protection provided from the PTFE resin that the SiO2 is suspended in.

Ultimately, a Sensha-World coating pays for itself because it keeps your truck better protected and looking like new year after year. If you spend a lot of time on the road or with your truck parked outside, the added protection is vital.

Learn More About Ceramic Coating at Bob Moses Today

We are a nationally recognized ceramic coater, allowing you to confidently choose us to work with your truck. We have various sealant options – including ones that work well for older pick-up trucks.

Contact us at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating with the details of your model and we will provide you with a quote. We can schedule you quickly so that you can start driving with better paint protection right away.

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