You spend a lot of time in your vehicle when driving around Salt Lake City. As a result, your vehicle will also spend a lot of time under the sun’s rays. Those UV rays are harmful to more than just your skin. It can cause issues like the paint fading on your vehicle. That will prematurely age it and make it lose its shine.
Yes, you could spend money on having a new layer of paint put on your vehicle. That would be your right. It would also be really expensive. There’s a better solution: a ceramic coating. This durable coating protects against a number of things, including UV rays, water, and scratches. You can usually wait eight years before it needs a new layer of ceramic coating.
The staff at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating is ready to help you make the best decision for your vehicle. Here is how ceramic coating can benefit a number of vehicles, including yours:

Ceramic Coating In Salt Lake City Ut

Ceramic Coating for Cars

There is a lot to love about your car. How it drives. Its gas mileage. You love the color … you looked at a bunch of cars before picking this one. You want the car to retain its color, right? That might be hard if you spend a lot of time driving in the sun or the harsh winter weather or on an off-track road.

There are elements that conspire to dull the color and shine of your car. The sun, which while important to life, also emits harmful UV rays. Those rays can make the color of your car fade. The rain or snow can also cause issues and driving on an off-track route will cause a lot of dirt to collect on the surface.

You don’t need to panic, though. It’s just a matter of getting a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating can protect your car from being damaged by the above elements. That’s one bit of an added peace of mind for you.

Ceramic Coating In Salt Lake City Ut

Ceramic Coating for Trucks

Trucks are excellent for doing job-related things or just to take a trip outside of Salt Lake City and relax on a vacation. But that also means taking your truck out into the sun and possibly even the rain or snow. There are plenty of off-road paths too… which takes you away from the hustle and bustle but also attracts dirt and bugs to attach themselves to your truck.

As a result, your truck can get a faded look very quickly, whether from the sun, the weather, dirt, or bugs … or a combination of all of them. That would be a problem for a regular paint job. Not with a ceramic coating. This will protect your truck from any of the above. You can have fun doing what you are doing without thinking about the state of the outside of your truck.

Ceramic Coating for Semi-Trucks

When your semi is rolling along the roads, it acts like a billboard for your company. Do you want people to make their first impression be a negative one due to seeing a dirty, dingy, faded semi or do you want them to have a positive one after seeing a vibrant semi-truck that stands out from other ones? Getting a ceramic coating can help you land in the second category, not the first one.

This coating keeps the UV rays from the sun from damaging the paint or any water, whether it is rain or snow, from causing problems. You will be able to be confident in your driving and know that your semi-truck looks great compared to many others that are out on the road. The coating can last for up to eight years.

Ceramic Coating for Boats and Jet Skis

When you are out on a boat or a jet-ski, you first think about protecting yourself. That means putting on sunscreen to keep yourself from getting burned in the sun. You also need to think about protecting your boat or your jet-ski with ceramic coating. The sun can fade the paint on them … and on top of that, the water can also cause damage from things like oxidation or corrosion. Fortunately, you have a solution: a ceramic coating.

This will act as a protective layer while also giving it a nice shine. It can make even an older boat or jet-ski look almost brand new. That way, you can be out on the water and enjoying yourself … provided you put on enough sunscreen.

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There are other solutions, like having a new layer of paint added every few years or getting covered parking spots. Both of those can cost you more in the long run than getting the ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating can protect all kinds of vehicles, as you can see. Yours could be one of them, whether it’s a car, truck, semi-truck, boat, or jet-ski. Our skilled workers will expertly apply SENSHA-World ceramic coating and you will love the results. It’s a dirty world out there and we can keep the outside of your vehicle looking clean and vibrant. Contact us today!