Ceramic Coating for Cars

Here at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, we happily apply ceramic coating to a range of cars and SUVs and can do so on any exterior surface. Whether you are looking to protect the paint, wheels, windows, metals, or even plastic components, we apply Sensha ceramic coating to your vehicle to protect it from UV damage and keep it looking new.

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What Kind of Ceramic Coating Does Bob Moses Use?

We use Sensha 8-year Crystal Glow, a specially formulated coating consisting of silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanoparticles suspended in a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based resin which hardens into a glass like structure. This coating bonds to the exterior of your vehicle to protect it from UV damage, oxidation, paint fade, and white-out.

The SiO2 ceramic coating that we source directly from Sensha when applied, provides an additional layer of a transparent, superhydrophobic material that repels water and the elements. Thus, making it easier to keep that new car shine.

Why Should You Get SUV Ceramic Coatings?

UV Protection

Depending on your geographic location and how you store your car, it may be at great risk of suffering from oxidation, fading paint, clear coat failure, peeling, and other factors that are severely detrimental to your car’s overall appearance. A Sensha ceramic coating will protect your car’s clear coat and paint for up to 8 years.

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Ease of Maintenance

Because your Sensha ceramic coat is so extremely hydrophobic, you can wipe off bugs, tar, dirt, dust, sap, and other natural road elements with ease. Washing is simplified. By pairing Sensha ceramic coating with Sensha Power Foam soap, your time spent washing is drastically reduced. You spend the majority of your time on the initial rinse, the risk of scratching is significantly reduced, and the shine remains after the wash.

Extreme Gloss and Shine

The gloss and shine of Sensha’s SiO2 glass coating is second to none. Once the coating is applied, your car will have a “wet” like appearance for many years with the only maintenance being washing with Sensha soap and water. A fresh paint job can cost you thousands of dollars, so protect that original factory paint with a ceramic coating and save money and time along the way.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last on Cars & SUV’s?

With proper maintenance, a Sensha SiO2 glass coating can last up to eight years. Sensha observed that environmental factors play a small role in the coating’s life as well. For example, areas with less dust and chemicals keep the coating on longer.

Maintaining Ceramic Coating on Car

Washing your car or SUV roughly every two weeks is the most helpful part of this maintenance, as this helps preserve the organic structure of the coating, so it can protect the paint underneath. Make sure you’re using Sensha Power Foam whenever washing your ceramic coated vehicle. Hand washing is always the preferred method as car washes are notorious for ruining clear coat and also your ceramic coat.

Choose the Ceramic Coating Professionals at Bob Moses

If you want to protect your car or SUV’s paint job, auto ceramic coating is the best way to go. With a little maintenance, your paint job will look great for years. To find out more about Sensha 8-Year glass coating, contact us today.

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