Maintenance is the biggest key to a long term coating. Fortunately, with Sensha ceramic coating, washing with Sensha soap is all you need to keep things going. However, there are some important factors to be aware of when it comes down to preserving your coating. As a company dedicated to education and honesty, we will break these down for you below for each vehicle type.Get A Quote Maintenance Products Instructions Sheet


Sensha 8-Year Crystal Glow, once applied, takes 72 hours to fully cure to your vehicle’s paint or gel coat. The ceramic is applied as a liquid, and then hardens into a crystalline glass. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not touch the paint or gel coat for this period of time as you could potentially disrupt the cure phase. There is one more rule associated with this too. Do not allow any liquids to interact with your vehicle for at least 48 hours after application. Liquid interaction during the cure cycle will disrupt the ceramic from adhering properly to the surface of the vehicle. Important note for boats: Please do not submerse your boat in water until the full 72 hours has passed. In addition, it is best to wait a full 7 days before your first wash. Of course, there are some circumstances, such as heavy bugs on a nose cap, or a dust storm hits after the cure phase ends but before the 7 days, where you should wash your vehicle as soon as possible. Tell us about your first wash experience with Sensha auto ceramic coating! If there are issues we want to know, so we have an opportunity to fix them right away. Leave us a review online if you enjoyed the process! If you are struggling and have questions, give us a call or email us at [email protected].



A common question we get asked when a customer picks up their vehicle before the cure phase is finished is “What do I do if I get bugs on my vehicle driving home?” Great question. There are two options available to you. You can A) purchase Sensha Glass Clean and gently wipe off the bugs with a microfiber towel after spraying Glass Clean a couple times on the affected surfaces, or B) let the cure time finish and give your car a wash. If you are traveling a long distance with your RV or truck, Sensha Glass Clean is definitely a great investment for you as it works wonderfully as spot treatment and detail on any surface. However, most importantly, do not ever let bugs just sit on your vehicle. Take care of them as soon as you can because bug guts are extremely acidic; not only will it etch into your ceramic coat, but the acid will eat right into your clear coat as well.

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Water spots

Ceramic coating does not prevent water spotting. This is an extremely common misconception, and do not believe anyone that tells you otherwise. The only way to completely eliminate water spotting from hard water is to invest in a deionized (DI) water tank. We suggest that you look to a local service to rent or purchase a filter tank. All of our franchises have connections to these local businesses, so feel free to call any of us with questions about where to find DI water.

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1. Wash Your Vehicle

Any ceramic coating will not work unless you are washing your vehicle. Think of the ceramic coat like your skin, you wouldn’t allow dust or dirt to build up on your skin, so why allow that to happen to your car? With Sensha ceramic coating, your wash process is intensely simplified, so make the time to take of the exterior of your car the same way you would your own body.

Washing your vehicle helps prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and contaminants that over time can damage the molecular structure of the SiO2 coating, and the paint job beneath that.

  • For automobiles, wash your car at least once a month.
  • For RVs, wash after every single trip you take. If the RV is stored outside for 2 months without use, wash it.
  • For boats, wash after every 4 uses.

2. Don’t Wash in Direct Sunlight

Always use shade whenever possible. The early morning and late evening are the best times to wash any vehicle. Never let a cloudy day go to waste!

Direct sunlight can cause soap to streak and water spots to appear on your vehicle before you have had a chance to rinse the soap or dry the water. Therefore, working in smaller sections in addition to shade is ideal to reduce the risk of this happening.

3. Foam Cannon vs. Hand Wash

Here at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating we are all about simplicity. There are two methods that you can utilize to wash your vehicle, but why make your life more difficult. We suggest using the foam cannon and a pressure washer to get the job done. With the foam cannon, you will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort you spend washing your vehicle, especially your RV or boat!

A foam cannon is a fun tool that connects directly to the end of your pressure washer wand. It launches soap from the nozzle on to your vehicle, so you can begin motioning over it with your wash tool. Use this cycle on each section: rinse it, foam it, work it, rinse it, dry it. It’s that easy.

4. Use Sensha Power Foam

Sensha Power Foam is essential to maintaining your long term coating. This is because Power Foam contains a hardening agent that is designed to upkeep the organic materials of the ceramic coating. In addition, Power Foam is soft-sudding and pH neutral, so it significantly reduces the risk of scratching. Other soaps are typically basic on the pH scale and can ruin your ceramic if used repeatedly. Not too mention, they tend to be designed with a membranous layer which is left behind after washing. This layer will mask the effects of your Sensha ceramic coating if used repeatedly.

One last note about washing

Stay away from automatic car washes. Car washes with spinning rags and brushes are damaging the exterior of your vehicle with every use. The brushes and rags cut into your clear coat with each spin and wear down the clear coat significantly reducing its “10-year” lifespan. A ceramic coating will not stop this from happening. In fact, do not purchase a ceramic coating if you plan to continue automatic car washes. You will have wasted your money.

Maintenance Products Instructions Sheet


It’s easier to maintain a ceramic coating on boats or jet skis, motorhomes, cars and SUVs, or trucks when it’s done right. The team of professionals at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating is one of the best in the business when it comes to ceramic coating application. Not only do we provide you with a beautiful new coating for your vehicle, but we can help you know the best way to maintain that coating. Contact us today and schedule an appointment or get a quote online.

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