Audi Ceramic Coatings

The moment you drive your Audi off the showroom floor the paint starts to degrade. Harsh UV rays cause the paint to fade, it begins to oxidize, and grime becomes embedded in crevices which over time will only be able to be removed by removing a layer of the paint. What’s more, moisture, humidity, and water can cause rust and water damage.

Sounds like a nightmare, right?

It can be if you don’t take the steps to protect your Audi’s paint job right from the start.

Ceramic coating for cars offers outstanding protection for your car’s paint. It acts as a hard shield between your car and the elements. Whether you drive it every day or only on special occasions, this coating will ensure that your paint looks super glossy and gorgeous.

It resists scratches and is much easier to clean so it just might be exactly what your car needs.

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Audi Ceramic Coatings

Which Type of Ceramic Coating is Best for My Audi?

There are actually three types of SUV ceramic coatings that are available on the market.

Spray On Ceramic Wax

This is the least expensive option and, well, you pretty much get what you pay for. If you are looking for something short-term and cheap, this will probably do. But if you are looking for lasting protection, you won’t find it here. This type of coating is softer than professional ceramic coating – much softer. This means that while it is easy to apply, it wears off pretty quickly.

Consumer Grade Ceramic Coating

This is a step up from the spray on ceramic wax and it is marginally better, but it still can’t stand up to professional grade. The cure is not as hard which means it is not as durable and not as glossy. Sure, if you’re an avid DIYer you’ll probably get a kick out of this little project – and these versions are pretty forgiving when it comes to mistakes. But if you’re serious about the lasting, durable protection that is synonymous with pro-grade ceramic coating, don’t waste your time.

Professional Grade Ceramic Coating

This is the good stuff! Pro-grade is industrial strength, and it shows in its durability and extreme shine. It takes longer to cure, but the result is a much harder and more brilliant coating. This grade is not available to the public though, but the application process is not for amateurs anyway. If you want this high standard of quality, you’ll need to go to the professionals to get it done. But it will be so worth it.

Ultimately, it is your decision which route you want to take, but if you want the showroom shine for your Audi with exceptional protection then professional ceramic coating is the way to go. It’s easier to keep clean, less prone to UV damage and oxidation – it’s worth every penny.It is an investment that protects your investment. Five years down the road your car will still look great.

Nano Ceramic Coatings for Audi

Audi is really soaring in popularity right now and the incoming new models are phenomenal. If you plan to pick up one of those beauties, you’ll want to get the best paint protection technology that money can buy.

Ceramic coating will give you the protection that you want with a high gloss wet look that will get you noticed.

It will protect your car’s paint for years to come, shielding it from road grime, debris, and other contaminants that can make your paint dull and fade. But there are a few more perks when you choose ceramic coating.

One application is all it takes

How many times do you have to apply wax in a year? Four? Two? What if you only had to apply it every eight years? Well, ceramic coating bonds to your car’s paint and forms a hard protective layer that lasts for years. One application will last you eight years – maybe even more.

Hydrophobic means dirt repellent

Ceramic coating is very hydrophobic. This means that water will bead up on the surface and roll off instead of clinging to the paint and sitting there causing rust and corrosion. What’s more, dirt and grime attach to the moisture, and when the water slides off, so do the contaminants.

The Glossy Finish Outshines the Showroom Shine

Who doesn’t love that amazing showroom shine on a spanking new Audi? Well, a ceramic coating will leave your Audi even shinier and what’s even better is that the shine will last and last while it protects your car’s paint!

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