How Does Ceramic Coating Protect from the Sun?

Ceramic Coating Sun

A well-applied ceramic coating provides superior protection for the paint by creating a transparent layer over your vehicle’s paint that protects it from the sun, dirt, dust, grime, pollution, bird droppings, bug splatters and other nuisances that can slowly corrode your vehicle’s coat.

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Does the Sun Damage Car Paint?

If you spend any time with cars or trucks, you’ve no doubt seen some that once had a brilliant shiny coat of paint which has now been reduced to a dull, flat, faded look. In the same way that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage and age our skin, so too does it damage and age the paint of a vehicle.

Any car owner in the American Southwest knows that very quickly, the prolonged exposure to the sun can result in peeling paint and bleached vehicles that look much older than they are. As the sun bears down on your car, it causes molecular damage to your paint, which causes it to lose its brilliance.

Enough sunlight and your car can go from candy apple red to existential dread.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Sun Damage

With sun damage so prevalent in places like Las Vegas and (especially) Arizona, you’re sure to want to find ways to curb its impact.

Keeping your vehicle clean can prevent the buildup of substances like droppings, dirt, mud and pollution that can expedite the fading process, while covering your vehicle or parking it in the garage can help to limit your sun exposure.

But another great way to protect your vehicle from sun damage is to coat it with a ceramic coating which can prevent the sun’s UV rays from having the same impact while also giving it a brilliant look that elevates your paint’s glossy shine.

Ceramic Coating Benefits in the Heat

Car and truck owners in Arizona and Nevada know firsthand how quickly the sunlight can bleach a paint job, reducing the hood and roof of a car to a faded, patchy, peeling mess in just a few short years.

One of the most common fixes for a faded paint job is to just go over it with a new one. But a fresh paint job every few years to combat fading is a wildly expensive method of addressing the results of constant UV exposure. While covered parking will help over time, ceramic coatings provides one of the best and most consistent solutions to this unique problem.

But with car paint, it’s better to prevent this fading than fix it.

With a ceramic coating that repels the sun’s UV rays, you’ll be protecting your car from fading while also adding a coating that makes your car, truck or boat even better.

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Using the Right Ceramic Coating

Bob Moses technicians are the only ceramic coatings specialists in the United States licensed to apply Sensha Crystal Glow, the world’s gold-standard in ceramic coating. Crystal Glow is a specially formulated nano-coating of SiO2 (silicon dioxide) that, when applied in layers to your vehicle, provides up to 8 years of protection, rather than the 2-4 years of most ceramic coatings.

This liquid polymer coat acts as a hydrophobic layer, repelling water and other contaminants while providing a UV-blocking barrier to reflects the rays that would otherwise bake into the exterior, fading and peeling the paint.

How Should Ceramic Coating Be Applied?

While there are certainly kits on the market, you want to make sure you don’t damage your vehicle with a DIY approach.

Our technicians are fully trained on how to properly apply ceramic coatings and know the process involved to get the best results, including proper the ratios needed to achieve the desired smoothness and glossiness.

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