New Car Ceramic Coating

New Car Ceramic Coating

When you drive your car off the showroom floor, you are so proud of that dazzling shine and flawless paint job. You want to maintain that as long as possible. After all, the stunning looks of your new ride were one of the selling points. After about a year though that high gloss begins to dim, and the vibrant color starts to fade.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to keep your car looking like new for longer? Well, thankfully ceramic coating is just the solution to this problem. Ceramic coating for new cars is a process that not only maintains, but enhances, the vibrancy of your paint job. The effect of the ceramic coating will give your new cars’ paint the appearance of glass.

Here’s what you need to know:

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What is New Car Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a process that is applied to the exterior of a car to protect the paint from fading because of UV damage. When the car is new and the clear coat is still low in age, this gives ceramic coating the maximum ability to bind to the clear coat. This is because the clear coat hasn’t started to break down at the molecular level disrupting the potential of an efficient bonding strength. One of the most common misconceptions of ceramic coatings are that they are simply just laid over the paint, but that would cause the ceramic to rub off easily. The best ceramic coatings like Sensha 8 Year Crystal Glow actually form a tight bond with the clear coat of the vehicle it is applied to with the primary purpose to protect the clear coat from exposure to the elements.

At Bob Moses, we use Sensha 8-year Crystal Glow. This product contains silicon dioxide nanoparticles that are suspended in a polytetrafluoroethylene-based resin which hardens into a crystalline glass. This glass-like structure is what forms an extremely hydrophobic and completely UV resistant layer to extend the life of your car’s original paint for as many years as possible. More importantly, at Bob Moses, we will spend the time educating you on how to properly maintain the ceramic coating itself, so that it can remain on the car for as long as intended. Many other companies do not go to the lengths that we do to ensure that the coating they installed remains on their customer’s vehicle for as long as described at the point of sale.

With a new car, this process is especially important because all too often we see brand new cars that are ceramic coated by other installers whom of which provided zero education on maintenance ultimately causing the ceramic coating to wear off the vehicle and expose the car’s paint to the harsh environment.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating for New Cars?

New car ceramic coating provides several invaluable benefits for your car.

  • Great Paint Protection – When you drive your car gets exposed to a number of contaminants that can damage the surface. When you park it outside, it is exposed to sunlight, wind, and extreme temperatures. Ceramic coating provides a barrier to stop these natural decomposers from destroying the paint.
  • Saves Money in the Long Run – This is a favorite perk for many customers. It is a bit of an investment on the front end, but in the long run, it saves you a lot of money. Think about how much you pay each year getting your car waxed or detailed, only to see the “shine” the wax provided go away after a couple of days. With a professional grade ceramic coating and a crash course on simple maintenance, you can have that high gloss and shine last for years. Stop paying for services you do not need.
  • Lasts for a Long Time – Even the best wax wears off in a few months in cooler temperatures. Ceramic coating lasts for years no matter the environment.
  • Keep Your Car Cleaner Longer – The surface of a ceramic coated car provides such a hydrophobic surface that debris and dirt just roll off. This means that your car stays cleaner for longer.
  • Makes Your Car Look Great – Let’s face it, part of the reason you bought your car was because of the way it looks. Ceramic coating helps to maintain those good looks so that your car is just as stunning and beautiful as it was the day you drove it home.

How Do We Prep a New Car for Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating your car requires special preparation to ensure that there are no contaminants left on the surface that will affect the final look.

We begin by washing the car properly using a mild detergent and water. This is followed up immediately by a process called clay barring. Using special products, the entire surface is scrubbed to remove any debris, dirt, overspray, or industrial fallout that the wash may have missed.

If there are scratches on the car, the next step is to cut, buff, and polish it. Even if it is new, it may require some buffing to correct the scratches in the paint for a near perfect finish.

Finally, a decontamination spray is utilized to remove all compounds, greases, oils, bacteria, and any other particles from the surface of the clear coat. This process also opens the pores of the clear coat, so that the ceramic has a better chance of forming a strong bond to the clear coat. Think of decontamination almost like an acne face wash. It completely strips the surface clean.

How do you Care for a Car with Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is not a get it and forget it application. It does require some maintenance to keep it looking great and lasting a long, long time.

  • You should wash your car every couple of weeks.
  • Do not use an automated car wash with brushes.
  • Use a shampoo that is specifically for ceramic coated cars.
  • Make sure to always have a bucket of clean water to rinse your mitt clean.
  • Do not use a swirling motion with your mitt.
  • Wash your ceramic coated car in the shade.
  • When you are washing your tires and wheels, use a different mitt than what touched your paint.

Are you ready to give your new car that glass like surface and insane shine? Do you want to protect the paint job from the elements and environmental contaminants? Visit our site today and get a quote on ceramic coating for your new car.

If you still aren’t sure, give us a call and one of our knowledgeable, friendly representatives will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.

Ceramic coating for new cars offers terrific benefits that you will enjoy for years to come.

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