How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last in Nevada?

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last in Nevada

If you’re like most people, when you put your hard-earned money on a new car you expect it to look fantastic for a very long time. And like most people, in order to make that happen, you spend a lot of time (and money) washing and waxing your car.

Nevada’s rather severe climate with an unrelenting sun and extreme heat is hard on a paint job. This means that in order to keep your car looking like new you have to spend more time and money washing, waxing, and probably repainting because your paint job faded quickly.

Ceramic coating makes keeping your car looking like new a lot easier – and a lot cheaper.

Still, in the often-harsh Nevada weather can be hard on ceramic coating too. So, what is the lifespan? How long will ceramic coating look shiny and new? How long before you have to recoat your car?

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So How Long Should I Expect My Ceramic Coating to Last?

The length of time ceramic coating lasts depends on several factors. They all affect the lifespan of the coating and how long it will keep your car looking like new.

  • Type of coating – Some brands last longer than other brands. We use Sensha ceramic coating which is a high-quality coating that lasts for years.
  • Length of time the coating is supposed to last – There are different types of ceramic coatings. Some are intended to last one year, up to eight years. Of course, if it is supposed to last longer, chances are, it will.
  • How well you care for your car – Taking care of your car will extend the life of the ceramic coating. If you wash it properly and keep it clean, it will last much longer.
  • How often your car is in direct sunlight – Direct sunlight and UV light can be very damaging. Keeping a cover on your car or at least parking it in the shade will help cut down on what the car’s surface is exposed to, thus extending the life of the ceramic coating.
  • Who applied the coating – Yes, this matters. Having your car ceramic coated by a professional typically means it will last longer.

Sensha 8-year coating should last the full eight years. However, Nevada weather can be unforgiving with intense heat, prolonged UV exposure, and an extremely dry environment. All of these elements can reduce the effectiveness of the coatings and shorten the life.

Why is Nevada Harsher on Ceramic Coatings?

The Nevada climate is touch. It is very hot and dry but combines that with a thinner Ozone layer and it can mean a shortened life for your ceramic coating.

The Ozone layer acts as a natural filter to block at least some of the harmful UV radiation. A thinner Ozone layer means a reduced ability to block those UV rays and they have greater access to your car’s surface. This created a harsh environment for your ceramic coating.

Cars with ceramic coating in Las Vegas and other areas in Nevada are exposed to these severe climate elements, but Sensha Ceramic Coating has rigorously tested their coating to ensure that it can stand up to the high heat, direct sunlight, and more. Numerous tests have been conducted to see just how durable their ceramic coating is.

The results were amazing. Test after test showed that Sensha Ceramic Coating is as durable as it is beautiful. Time after time the brand came out on top with little, if any reduced effectiveness. In all, the coating protected just as well after extensive stress tests as it did on day one.

What can I do to Extend the Life of My Ceramic Coating?

Even super-durable ceramic coating for trucks and cars requires some upkeep so that it will maintain its protective qualities and brilliant sheen.

If you want to keep your coating looking great, there are a few things that you can do to help keep it looking new and working as it should.

  • Remove dirt and debris – When you get any dirt or debris on the surface of your vehicle, remove it immediately. This can be done with a soft cloth, either dry or moist. The sooner you remove the dirt, the less time it has to harm the ceramic coating.
  • Wash properly – Washing your vehicle every week or so will keep it clean and keep dirt and debris from settling into tiny cracks and crevices. Use a gentle cleanser and soft cloths to clean the surface of your car but don’t wax it. The ceramic coating eliminates the need for waxing and applying wax can harm the surface of the car.
  • Take care of scuffs and scratches immediately – If your coating does get a scuff or scratch, take care of it right away. The professional who applied the coating can repair it so get it to them as soon as possible. Waiting allows dirt and moisture to seep in and leaves your paint job vulnerable.
  • Professional application – Ceramic coating is not a DIY project. You should have it applied by a professional such as the pros at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight – Try to keep your car out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Park in the shade, under the carport, or in a garage to protect the car’s surface.

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