Does Ceramic Coating Really Last 5 Years?

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Knowing how long a specific ceramic coating lasts is a huge deciding factor when looking at products in the market. Confusion exists about the actual “lifespan” of these types of coatings. Unfortunately, many brands promote misleading truths, putting ill-informed clients in the dark.

In this article, the experts at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating talk about whether ceramic coatings really last five years. We’ll also look at ways you can prolong the life span of your ceramic coating to achieve this.

Almost all ceramic coatings available on the market for public purchase last approximately two-five years. Coatings for professionals, however, can last longer. This largely depends on the manufacture quality of the product used for the coating. Different coatings have different binding affinities and different binding agents; therefore, without proper analysis and data collection in the laboratory and in real environmental stress tests, a coating should not be taken at face value for its lifespan.

The “effective life” of a ceramic coating

The effective life of an auto ceramic coating refers to the amount of time the coating will stay on and continue to function as planned. Usually, this is not identical to the manufacturer’s rating, even though some companies are realistic with their statements.

Technically speaking, the coating will remain on the surface for the advertised time, but if you think it will stay effective when it comes to water behavior or gloss and shine for a duration of five years or longer, this probably won’t happen.

Regardless of what other companies may promise, all ceramic coatings, with no exception, will wear out eventually. There’s no such thing as a lifetime product that only needs just one application. Don’t be misled, ceramic coatings become worn out over time and need reapplication at one point or another.

Factors that affect the durability of a ceramic coating

Many things can impact how long your coating lasts and how it performs. That said, to get the best final product, you need to prepare well before you add any application.


For this reason, you need to ensure your car has undergone a deep cleaning and decontamination process. It’s also important to consider doing some kind of paint correction to get rid of any scratches before adding any ceramic coat.

The foundation you lay, in the beginning, is a key contributing factor in the lifespan of your coating. If you fail to get this initial step right, it may result in your coating not bonding to the paint correctly, thus causing your paint job to fail prematurely.

Environmental considerations

The type of environment your car stays in can affect the duration of your coating. For instance, if your vehicle is parked outside in a dusty, desert-like climate your coating could fail prematurely if not maintained often enough.

In contrast, even driving during the icy winter season can affect the quality and staying power of your coating. This is because slush and road grime containing minerals and salt, which are acidic in water have the potential to destroy your coating as time passes.

A vehicle kept inside a garage is certainly the best to prolong the lifespan of your coating, but it isn’t realistic for everyone to store their vehicle in a garage. The bottom line is the kind of life your car lives plays a big role in maintaining its “sparkle” and “shine.”

Looking after your coating

The truth is, treating your ceramic-coated vehicle like a regular car is not advised. If you want it to last a long time, you need to be mindful of your ceramic coating maintenance. Practically, this means washing your car yourself and staying clear of automated car washes.

When you do this, ensure you make use of the right products, such as the proper soap, and don’t use heavy-duty degreasers or cleaners. The use of these products can strip the quality of the coating partly or even completely with continued use.

But no matter how hard you try, the reality is, that every time you wash your car, there’s a possibility that scratches may happen. Your wash mitt, for instance, may touch a wheel accidentally. The towel you use may hit the ground and collect dirt. Some areas could get missed during the process of washing your car and get dried later when you dry the rest of your vehicle. You just need to be extra careful and trust this ceramic coating brand to do the job for you.

Nonetheless, with all that’s said and done, does ceramic coating really last 5 years?

The answer is it really depends on a variety of factors that are thankfully, mostly within your control. Find a quality, data-backed product, wash your vehicle regularly with correct techniques and tools, and choose a company that has an expertise in ceramic preparation. 

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