Why Motorcycle Riders Should Consider Ceramic Coating Their Bikes

Why Motorcycle Riders Should Consider Ceramic Coating Their Bikes

As soon as you get your hands on your most loved motorcycle, you certainly want to do all in your power to preserve its aesthetic appeal. Many motorcyclists turn to applying ceramic coating on your motorcycle to help protect its paint.

In this article, we at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating shall explain why motorcycle riders should seriously think about ceramic coating their bikes. We will talk about what ceramic coating is and discuss its long-term benefits.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Before applying a ceramic coat on your bike, you need to know what it is, right?

In essence, a ceramic coating is a dressing formulated from liquid polymer. Once its application is placed on your motorbike’s surface, it forms a chemical and cohesive bond with the primary paintwork.

The formulation is so powerful that when you want to remove it, you will have to use “mechanical abrasive methods.” These methods will include using machine buffers with a weighty cutting compound.

You would utilize the same procedure to correct a paint job and fix scratches. This explanation alone gives an understanding of the strength of the chemical bond.

Ceramic coating your motorcycle is your best bet compared to other paint protectors like paint sealants and waxes that don’t provide a satisfactory level of hardness.

That said, the main aim of making a ceramic coat application on your motorcycle is to protect its shine, paint, and luster. If this is your main objective, adding ceramic coating is certainly one of the best strategies you can use to protect your motorcycle’s factory paint for its lifespan.

Apart from protection, though, here are four advantages you can get from the ceramic coating, just to re-emphasize why motorcycle riders should seriously consider applying a ceramic coating for motorcycles.

Your Motorbike Will Remain Cleaner for a Longer Time

As soon as the body of your bike is coated with ceramic coating, it will develop a seamless and aesthetically pleasing thin layer. The seamless surface also makes cleaning very easy and, as a result, maintains the glow of your motorcycle.

This happens because it has a strong hydrophobic barrier. This means, every form of liquid, like water and also tree sap or dust will have a difficult time clinging to the smooth surface. Even if such substances stick on the paintwork, cleaning it off is super easy.

As a motorcycle rider, this gives you more time to enjoy riding your bike instead of spending too much time cleaning.

It’s a Much Better Option Compared to Sealants and Waxes

Applying ceramic nanotechnology on your motorcycle is way better than using waxes and sealants each day of the week. Its level of hardness is marvelous and invaluable, and its gloss is enough to take your breath away. Compared to sealants and waxes, ceramic coating can add a depth of color to your bike’s paintwork.

Ceramic Coating Provides Prolonged Protection

Although this is the main objective for many individuals that apply a ceramic coating on their motorbikes, there’s also prolonged protection provided to the motorcycle. This includes protection from chemical contaminants, like mud, dirt, acid rain, acidic bird droppings, and so forth. It offers these benefits, while also protecting it from normal wear and tear, brought about by the scorching summer heat, which under normal circumstances can cause oxidation and fading of paint over an extended time.

It’s More Affordable

Regardless of the somewhat higher cost initially, ceramic coating is a cost-effective option when you look at monetary and time expenses. During the tenure of your ceramic coat, the need for waxing or polishing your bike is obsolete, particularly if you take good care of your motorcycle and like to be hands-on.

If you’re interested in doing the detailing yourself, it can almost take you the entire day. This is because a large quantity of the product is needed, and the application process itself is very laborious and complicated.

If you take this route, you will also need a set time for your detailing more than once a year, which can amount to a lot of time and money spent in the long haul. But ceramic coating done by us at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating can certainly take the weight off your shoulders. To learn more about our ceramic coating for your motorcycle, contact us today.